Today, we are going to discover a new website: ShowBeyond (a tool to create great looking

Here is the link to the website:

Here is the video I created for you (about London, with some of the pictures I took during our trip):

You can use this tutorial:


1- Watch my story


2- Answer the questions, describe the slides or talk about our visit on
Enter "mariehel2" in the search box and reply to the question.

If you absolutely can't, you may record your answer on Podbean, here :

3- Watch the tutorial (ShowBeyond)

4- & create your own story about an English-speaking city in a pair or in a bigger group.
You need to:
* choose 1 or 2 partners
* choose a city
* find photographs (creative commons)
* prepare questions or descriptions, comments
* make your ShowBeyond video!

5- Then we will share the stories & each student will choose the story he/she wants to talk about.

6- You will use to record yourself.

Looking forward to your comments & presentations!!!!

Last but not least....
Here are some additional tasks:

Interactive games:
Let’s visit London:

London monuments:

Famous London attractions (video):

London's sights:

London museums:

Piccadilly Circus:

London parks:

London: Let's have fun!

The Tower of London:

Trafalgar Square:

Buckingham palace:

London Transport:

Westminster and Westminster Abbey:

London - Madame Tussaud´s:



Listening tasks:

The great fire of London:

London bridge:

Good work !!!

Mrs Fasquel.
Lycée Giraux Sannier. Saint Martin Boulogne.

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